Takes Many Forms


    The Raven                          Jeremiah Wiggins

Spontaneous Spectacle                                      Intimate power

A Mythic Blend of Arts with Different faces.

The Raven


Jeremiah Wiggins Human Politician For the Faeries

For over two decades Joshua Safford has been mesmerizing and tickling the imagination of Renaissance and Faerie festival patrons in the streets across the country under the guises of the Raven and Jeremiah Wiggins, politician for the faeries.

This delightful package presents contrasted comedic offerings of spectacle and intimate power.

He brings magical beings to life through the arts of street magic, physical comedy, circus skills,  close up magic, and storytelling and generate the sense at your event that enchantment can be found around any corner.

This all presented in a spirit of whimsy of not one who does magic as a challenge but one who inhabits a comedic magical world. These street acts are like experiencing Harry Potter live.

Joshua Safford

7655 N. Sheridan #3South

Chicago, Il 60626